Dear Staff,

We are so glad you are here. Allow us to share our vision:

to equip anyone to plant and build campus movements. 

If you are working with a volunteer or student leader, you're in the right place! We prepared two downloadable guides to get you started. 

  1. Staff Manual: this is your one stop guide to get acquainted with the Playbook, recruit your volunteers, and come up with a development plan to get them or your student leaders up and running. 

  2. Current Course Catalogbrowse through and see what we are currently offering. You'll find quick summaries and key tools for each course.

We hope this will help you maximize the time you have with your volunteer as they learn the ins and outs of campus ministry. Blessings in your journey!

Grace and peace,

Andy Kim, on behalf of the Playbook team

Keys to Success

The Staff Manual will help you power-up with three simple steps.

Get the Staff Manual

  • 1. Learn the Playbook

    As part of the Staff Playbook, we have a cheatsheet to get yourself familiarized with Playbook and courses.

  • 2. Assemble your Team

    We will help you recruit volunteers to your team, identify what types of volunteers match your ministry need, and how to get them started and trained!

  • 3. Call the Plays

    We've outlined a development plan you can work with your volunteer with and check in as they go through the Playbook.

Summer 2022 Course Catalog

All together, we have 27 courses covering ministry foundations and key plays.

This can help you understand where you may direct your student leaders and volunteers to!

See the Current Course Catalog

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  • Do I have to create a Playbook account myself?

    No, you don't have to, but we encourage you to do so in order to familiarize yourself with the platform and material. This is helpful especially when doing courses with your student/volunteer or debriefing them as well.

    Just use your InterVarsity credentials and you'll be able to sign in as easily as you do for your InterVarsity email and other staff sites!

  • Is access for students as simple as sending them a link, and then they create an account?

    Yes! Send them a course link directly (copy & paste the landing page URL). When they click "Take this course" for the first time, they will be prompted to create a new account. Then they'll be able to access the full Playbook.

    After that, they'll just need to make sure they are signed in to take the courses in the future.

  • How do I check my volunteer/student's progress?

    You will need to follow up with them individually – we recommend using the development plan in the Staff Manual.

  • How much does this cost?

    It's Free!


How are you using the Playbook? Anything missing?

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