Learning Objectives

There is power in visual imagery—we want to use this and build bridges by connecting things of students' world to Jesus. An effective Proxe Station not only gets people discussing things, but it helps them connect it to their personal life. This highly practical course will springboard you into action!

  • Know what a Proxe Station is and how it helps engage students and faculty in evangelistic conversations

  • Know how Proxes fit within an overall plan for campus engagement

  • Know how to coach others through a Proxe Station

Play Your Way

Engage with the material in your context!

  • ~30 minutes (self-paced)

    All your progress will be saved so you can resume where you left off.

  • Course Quicksheet (pdf)

    This is a quick summary of the material that you can use as a preview of the course or as a refresher once you've taken it.

  • Resource Toolbox

    See a list of the resources referenced in this course, all collected in one spot for your convenience.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1: A Different Kind of Evangelism

    • Introduction

    • Before we begin . . .

  • 2

    Chapter 2: Proxe Stations 101

    • Lesson 1: Evangelism = Awkward?

    • Lesson 2: Paul's Ministry in Athens

    • Lesson 3: So, What’s a Proxe Station?

    • Lesson 4: Walking Through a Proxe Station: Self-Care

    • Lesson 5: Other Proxe Stations

  • 3

    Chapter 3: Running a Proxe Station

    • Lesson 1: You Can Do This!

    • Lesson 2: Roles at a Proxe Station

    • Lesson 3: Pastoral Coaching Tips

    • Lesson 4: Practical Coaching Tips

    • Check for Understanding (Quiz)

  • 4


    • Closing Remarks

    • Before you go . . .

Resource Toolbox

All resources referenced from this course will be linked below for your convenience to view and download. Please use/adapt these resources to what works for you in your ministry context.


Running a Proxe Quicksheet

(3-page pdf) 

Summary of the course in a quick, 3-page format, perfect for a quick review on the go!


The Five Thresholds Overview

(Ministry Library page) 

This is the journey of how people tend to explore faith. Once we understand the process, we can be more helpful to friends moving through each threshold.

Coaching Proxe Stations

(Evangelism webpage) 

Take your Proxe Station up a notch by including five key roles and coaching the people who fill those roles.
Lead Your Area Through Fall Harvest

(Ministry Library page) 

This below toolkit is for Area Directors and Regional Directors to hopefully grow your ministries this Fall.


Crucial Relationships Proxe

(Evangelism webpage) 

This is the journey of how people tend to explore faith. Once we understand the process, we can be more helpful to friends moving through each threshold.

Beyond Colorblind Proxe

(Ministry Library page) 

The Beyond Colorblind Proxe Station is designed as a catalyst for conversations around the Gospel through students' ethnic stories.
Thirsty Proxe

(Evangelism webpage) 

The Thirsty Proxe is a starter for conversations around how Jesus offers living water to quence our thirst.

Refresh Proxe

(Ministry Library page) 

This art display outreach (proxe) features a Native-influenced gospel allegory which engages both Christians and non-Christians with the brokenness of our world and Creator's restorative beauty.
Self-Care Outreach Proxe

(Ministry Library page) 

A collection of interactive visual displays that are designed to spark spiritual conversations on the important topic of self-care and offer Jesus’ invitation of rest, joy, and peace.