Learning Objectives

We're convinced that prayer has the power to transform, but the idea of leading a prayer meeting can often feel intimidating. In this course, we'll equip you with skills, tools, and ministry best practices for corporate prayer so you can effectively lead others in rediscovering the joy and power of praying together.

  • Understand the importance of leading corporate prayer for the campus

  • Lead a prayer meeting with students and faculty (in person or online)

Play Your Way

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  • ~30 minutes (self-paced)

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  • Course Quicksheet (pdf)

    This is a quick summary of the material that you can use as a preview of the course or as a refresher once you've taken it.

  • Resource Toolbox

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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1: Prayer Meetings on Campus

    • Leading Prayer . . . Yay?

    • Introduction

    • Before we begin . . .

  • 2

    Chapter 2: The Importance of Group Prayer

    • Lesson 1: Why Prayer Meetings?

    • Lesson 2: Corporate Prayer in the Bible

  • 3

    Chapter 3: Elements of a Prayer Meeting

    • Lesson 1: Understanding Prayer Leadership

    • Lesson 2: The Host

    • Lesson 3: The Facilitator

    • Lesson 4: The Dreaded Circle Prayer

    • Lesson 5: Having a Conversation with God

  • 4

    Chapter 4: Prayer Methods and Common Mistakes

    • Lesson 1: Many Ways to Pray

    • Lesson 2: Common Mistakes

  • 5


    • Closing Remarks

    • Before you go . . .

Resource Toolbox

All resources referenced from this course will be linked below for your convenience to view and download. Please use/adapt these resources to what works for you in your ministry context.


Leading a Prayer Meeting Quicksheet

(2-page pdf) 

Summary of the course in a quick, 2-page format, perfect for a quick review on the go!


Leading Prayer Meetings

(2-page pdf) 

This resource will help you lead a prayer meeting in person or online. Leading a prayer meeting is hosting and facilitating a safe, hospitable conversation between people and God about God’s world.