Learning Objectives

If we don't invite well, people will miss out on opportunities to experience Jesus and grow. Invitations are critical junctures where students and faculty decide whether to take a step deeper—by attending an outreach event, going to a Bible study, or choosing to follow Jesus—or stick to the status quo.

  • Find out the qualities of a compelling invitation

  • Learn how to craft an effective invitation

  • Discover how to handle different responses to your invitations

Play Your Way

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  • ~30 minutes (self-paced)

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  • Course Quicksheet (pdf)

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  • Resource Toolbox

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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1: Making Invitations Welcoming and Compelling

    • We Invite You to this Course!

    • Introduction

    • Before we begin . . .

  • 2

    Chapter 2: Defining Compelling Invitations

    • Lesson 1: What Compelling Invitations Aren’t

    • Lesson 2: What Compelling Invitations Are

    • Lesson 3: Qualities of a Compelling Invitation

    • Check for Understanding (Quiz)

  • 3

    Chapter 3: Crafting a Compelling Invitation

    • Lesson 1: Your Turn

    • Lesson 2: Making it Great!

    • Lesson 3: Online Invitations

  • 4

    Chapter 4: Potential Responses to Your Invitations

    • Lesson 1: No

    • Lesson 2: Maybe

    • Lesson 3: Yes

  • 5

    Chapter 5: Conclusion

    • Closing Remarks

    • Before you go . . .

Resource Toolbox

All resources referenced from this course will be linked below for your convenience to view and download. Please use/adapt these resources to what works for you in your ministry context.


Inviting Well Quicksheet

(2-page pdf) 

.DOCX Version

Summary of the course in a quick, 2-page format, perfect for a quick review on the go!


Making Compelling Invitations

(Ministry Library page) 

This worksheet will help you craft great invitations for Christians and non-Christians.