Learning Objectives

The 4 E’s framework helpfully reminds us of the patterns of Jesus’ ministry. It’s not that this is a new way to do ministry, but rather taking what we believe is Jesus’ ministry and organizing it in a way that helps us today to live and minister more like Christ.

  • Encounter Jesus

  • Learn what the 4 E’s are and how they work together in ministry

  • Hear from God about one area of the 4 E’s to focus on, individually or as a community

Play Your Way

Engage with the material that fits your context!

  • ~60 minutes (self-paced)

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  • Course Quicksheet (pdf)

    This is a one-page summary of the material that you can print out as a quick refresher on the key takeaways.

  • Resource Toolbox

    See a list of the resources referenced in this course, all collected in one spot for your convenience!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1: The 4 E's—Ministry Jesus’ Way

    • Introduction

    • Before we begin . . .

  • 2

    Chapter 2: The Rhythms of Jesus’ Ministry

    • Lesson 1: Surveying the 4 E’s

    • Lesson 2: The 4 E’s in Jesus’ Life

  • 3

    Chapter 3: Diving Deep into the 4 E’s

    • Lesson 1: Encounter God—Assume God is Moving

    • Lesson 2: Explore What God Is Doing—Never Stop

    • Lesson 3: Explore What God is Doing—Learning the Context

    • Lesson 4: Empower People—It’s Not about Recruiting

    • Lesson 5: Establish Rhythms of Community—Discern the Design

  • 4

    Chapter 4: Putting it All Together

    • Lesson 1: The 4 E’s on Campus (Video)

    • Lesson 2: Identifying the 4 E’s

    • Check for Understanding (Quiz)

    • Lesson 3: So What Now?

  • 5


    • Closing Remarks

    • Before you go . . .

Resource Toolbox

All resources referenced from this course will be linked below for your convenience to view and download. Please use adapt these resources to what works for you in your ministry context.


Establishing Rhythms for Ministry and Revival Quicksheet

(2-page pdf) 

Summary of the course in a quick, 2-page format, perfect for a quick review on the go!


Finding People of Peace

(Ministry Library page) 

Jesus’ practice of looking for “people of peace” can transform your ministry efforts as you follow his example of empowering people who are spiritually receptive, relationally connected, and who respond with action.

Prayer Walk Guide

(Ministry Library page) 

Prayer walks are a great way to encounter God on campus and explore what God's doing there.
Leading Communal Listening Prayer

(Ministry Library page)

This resource will help you learn the steps to leading listening prayer with your small group to encounter God together.


Control Less, Empower More

(Spotify Podcast episode – Ministry During the Disruption) 

Steve Tamayo interviews Daniel Allen, Campus Staff at Chapman University as they discuss ministry in the pandemic, the balance of doing vs. empowering, and how to apply that to campus ministry.

Access InterVarsity – Connecting Disability with God’s Mission

(Youtube Video) 

Cristina Barreto's inspiring story of learning how to connect her disability with God's mission.