Ministering the Jesus Way

The 4 E’s framework helpfully reminds us of the patterns of Jesus’ ministry. It’s not that this is a new way to do ministry, but rather taking what we believe is Jesus’ ministry and organizing it in a way that helps us today to live and minister more like Christ.

  • Encounter Jesus.

  • Learn what the 4 E’s are.

  • Explain what the 4 E’s are and how they work together in ministry.

  • Hear from God about one area of the 4 E’s to focus on, individually or as a community.

Play Your Way

Engage with the material that fits your context!

  • ~60 minutes (self-paced)

    All your progress will be saved so you can hop back in and resume where you left off!

  • Course Quicksheet (pdf)

    This is a one-page summary of the material that you can print out as a quick refresher on the key takeaways.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1: The 4 E's—Ministry Jesus’ Way

    • Before we begin . . .

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Chapter 2: The Rhythms of Jesus’ Ministry

    • Lesson 1: Surveying the 4 E’s

    • Lesson 2: The 4 E’s in Jesus’ Life

  • 3

    Chapter 3: Diving Deep into the 4 E’s

    • Lesson 1: Encounter God—Assume God is Moving

    • Lesson 2: Encounter God—Case Study & Suggestions

    • Lesson 3: Explore What God Is Doing—Never Stop

    • Lesson 4: Explore What God is Doing—Learning the Context

    • Lesson 5: Empower People—It’s Not about Recruiting

    • Lesson 6: Establish Rhythms of Community—Discern the Design

    • Lesson 7: Putting It All Together

    • Check Your Understanding (Quiz)

    • Lesson 8: So What Now?

  • 4


    • Closing Remarks

    • Before you go . . .